With world-leading expertise and a local team, Canopy Offshore Wind is bringing the power and opportunity of offshore wind to Humboldt and California. With a planned capacity of up to 1.6 GW, Canopy will be capable of producing enough green electricity to supply the equivalent of up to 600,000 households.


Learn more about Canopy Offshore Wind, a proposed floating offshore wind project off the coast of Northern California.


A proactive, collaborative  approach is what will ensure Canopy Offshore Wind will be safe, sustainable and generate positive economic impact for communities.

Fisheries and
Ocean Users

RWE maintains an active dialogue with the local fishing industry and plans to work closely with the fisheries to achieve successful and sustainable outcomes for clean energy development and marine fisheries.


A robust supply chain will be essential to floating offshore wind energy in California, bringing diverse economic opportunities and generational workforce development into historically underinvested regions.

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About RWE

A global leader in offshore wind, RWE is a proven partner that's ready to help California chart a course for this emerging, vital industry.

RWE brings its wealth of experience in global offshore wind project development across the entire value chain, from project conception to construction and operation. The unparalleled experience the company has earned over the last 20 years has resulted in 19 successful offshore wind projects. Now one of the leading offshore wind developers in the US, RWE’s portfolio includes 6 GW of seabed including Community Offshore Wind off the coasts of New York and New Jersey. 

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