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Offshore wind will play a pivotal role in California's transition to a clean economy and is a resource both the state and federal government are relying on.

Governor Newsom has laid out California's Clean Energy Transition Plan → and called for at least 25 GW → of offshore wind capacity to be built by 2045 – capacity that would generate 10-15% of the state’s energy and power 3.75 million homes initially.

In December 2022, RWE secured the lease rights to an area of seabed off the coast of Humboldt County as part of the federal California offshore wind lease auction with the goal of developing, constructing and operating one of the nation’s first floating offshore wind projects, Canopy Offshore Wind

Facts & figures

28 miles

off the coast of Humboldt

Up to 1.6 GW

of clean energy capacity

Reliable power

for more than 600,000 homes


Project benefits

Clean and reliable energy

Canopy will transform the powerful winds blowing over the Pacific Ocean to deliver clean, reliable energy to California. 

Public and private investments

The construction and operation of turbines will bring investment to the region, creating local, good-paying jobs.

Educational opportunities

Constructing and installing turbines will require a skilled workforce which presents ample educational opportunities for workers and partnerships with local universities in Humboldt.

RWE's successful experiences

On the East Coast, we’re already seeing the tangible benefits of these projects come to life. RWE’s engagement is creating hundreds of job opportunities, bringing new supply chain investments to the region, and revitalizing local economies in New York and New Jersey. We can replicate this success in Humboldt.

Floating Wind

Floating wind is a method of generating clean, renewable energy from the wind out at sea. Unlike turbines that are fixed to the seabed, floating turbines are secured on top of a foundation that rests on the ocean surface.

An average of 28 miles off the shore of Humboldt, the waters reach over 2,300 feet deep.

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Project Timeline

Canopy Offshore Wind is expected to be in operation by the mid-2030s, contingent upon the permitting and regulatory timeline. 

There is time to develop equitable workforce development now as major construction isn’t anticipated until the beginning of next decade. RWE is starting now in earnest, planning to perform offshore studies to inform potential project designs, and working with federal, state and local officials to secure necessary permits.

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About RWE

A global leader in offshore wind, RWE is a proven partner that's ready to help California chart a course for this emerging, vital industry.

RWE brings its wealth of experience in global offshore wind project development across the entire value chain, from project conception to construction and operation. The unparalleled experience the company has earned over the last 20 years has resulted in 19 successful offshore wind projects. Now one of the leading offshore wind developers in the US, RWE’s portfolio includes 6 GW of seabed including Community Offshore Wind off the coasts of New York and New Jersey. 

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