Supplier Transparency Engagement Program

RWE has worked successfully with offshore wind suppliers both in the US and internationally for over two decades.

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Our approach to supplier engagement

We recognize the opportunities and challenges that a rapidly growing market brings, requiring developers and suppliers to work closely with a  local & global  supplier network.

Over time, our approach to supplier engagement has become more holistic as we strive to maximize the opportunities from our projects progressing through development. To that end, we have created the Supplier Transparency and Engagement Program (STEP), a more proactive approach to supplier engagement.

STEP – improving supplier engagement

STEP is our commitment to continuously improve supplier engagement. Following a review of our existing processes, we have introduced new practices, which include increased opportunities for dialogue with our supplier network. We promise to strive to continuously ‘step up’ our efforts regarding our supplier engagement activities.

Under the STEP initiative, we have developed four initial steps aimed at improving transparency, engagement and information exchange regarding our US projects progressing through development and construction:

  • Step 1
  • Step 2
  • Step 3
  • Step 4

Meet our Procurement Team

Our Procurement Team looks forward to connecting with you.

Procurement Director

Andrew Cahill

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Question: When will the procurement process start for this project?

  • The procurement process for this project has already begun for certain scopes ( i.e. initial site investigation activities); however larger work package discussions are still on-going. We encourage interested suppliers with any relevant competency or capability to register through the STEP portal →.

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What type of suppliers is RWE looking for?

  • RWE’s goal is to actively engage with capable global & local partners with competencies anywhere from consulting services to large manufacturing.

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How would RWE decide which suppliers to work with?

  • RWE does a thorough competitive bidding process for relevant scopes & makes objective decisions based on a number of factors including industry experience, financial checks, review of relevant technical qualifications, ability to support local content & competitiveness of total offering.

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